Recent News

New Fees Beginning August 2018


The Late fee will be increased to $25.00 (To avoid this fee, the full of amount of the bill must be paid by the 15th of each month

New Renters:  $275.00 (200.00 Refundable renters deposit, 75.00 non-refundable Service fee)

New Member: locked meter $215.00           unlocked meter $175.00

New Water Tap fees: $1075.00(Short)          $1275.00 (long)

New Sewer Tap fees: $1175.00(short)          $1375.00 (long)

                                    POD needed $3900.00

New Service fees: $75.00

New Trip fee:  $40.00             New Reconnect fee:   $40

Cost of Sewer (candy cane) External Vent repair:          $65

Cut Meter:      $75.00

Pull meter:      $125.00