All OWSC Customers!!!

We have notice that several of our Customers are paying there bill on our website and making there future payments RECURRING to the next month using that credit card. We unfortunately do not have this option activated. We hope to have this option available later. So please MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THAT OFF SO YOU WONT GET LATE FEE OR EVENTUALLY GET YOUR WATER TURNED OFF!!!


Power has been fully restored therefore stations are no longer working on generators. Any customers that are still experiencing any sewer problems please contact the office during business hours or the after hours phone numbers.


Thanks Management.


Eighty percent of OWSC sewer system is still working on generator. Per Entergy power possibly will NOT be restored until sometime tomorrow. We ask that all customers to continue with limited use.  If you have any emergencies please contact the office during business hours or after hour phone numbers.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks management.