The Office will be Closed Effective Today 3/23/2020!!

We will still be here at the Office to serve you and to answer any phone calls. 

Please put All Payments in the Drop Box or you may pay your bill online!!

If you want to pay your bill online please call the us @ 735-9422 during business hours to get your correct account number. It's different than the one on your bill. 

If you need New Service, you may contact our Office to set up and appointment!!

Stay Safe!!


Help us to maintain a functional Sewer System

As a Reminder, Please do not flush the following item. Baby wipes, cleaning wipes, condoms, disposable diapers, facial wipes, grease, medications, sanitary pads, tampons or tampons applicators, trash, and paper towels. Our Sewer System will not be able to function properly and it will cause problems.