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Turner Vac Sta

All Turner Sta Sewer systems is working.  Thank you for your patience. Some employee worked 23 hours straight.

Turner Sta

please call 409-670-2473 or 361-220-0738 if any problems. Some sand from damaged sewer line causing problems, we are trying to keep line open

Turner Vac Sta

We are still having problems, please limit sewer waste until service is completely restored Will send message when ok

Turner station

turner sta serves 1442, bridgefield, oak wood manor, paulwood, and 1442/105 areas, service should be back on shortly.

Turner Vac Station

we had electrical problem with turner Sta at 3 am this morning. Switch failure. System fixed and comming back in service. 

April Water Bills

We have used the Jan, Feb, Mar average for the April Billings. We have made some adjustments, most will not see any difference.  

April Water Bill

We were unable to read the water meters this month, April. All employees were working to temporarly keep sewer service in operation.

Sewer update

please call if any problems. We have employees on call. The more the system is used, the better it will operate.

Sewer update

We are still having some vac valves sticking open. We are leaving the covers off of pods for ease of service. We will replace them asap. 

Sewer update

The sewer system is back to normal operation. Possible tune ups will be needed. Employees on call. Let us know if any problems.

Sewer update

hook ups will take Wed. And Thur. All should be back to normal Thur. Evening. Please call if any problems.

Sewer update

temp sewer line in place and test complete. Start hooking up residences in the morning. Thanks for your help.

sewer problems

We still have two trucks working, if any backups call and we will come and pump out. 409-670-2473, 409-670-3881, 361-220-0738

Sewer Problem

Continue to be aware of posible problems because of the rain.  If you have any sign of backup, please call 409-670-2473, 409-670-3881, or 361-220-0738.


Board thanks all for patience and understanding. Employees appreciates all support shown. Hopefully return to normal service soon.

Contract approved.

Board approved contract for temporary repair. Work will start next week, 5 to 7 days before return to normal service.

Sewer update

OWSC board authorized temporary repair of sewer line. Selecting Contractor and method in process.  Construction will start when approved.

sewer pdate

Call 409-670-2473  409-670-3881  409-221-4519  361-220-0738 if any problems. 

sewer update

At this time we are able to keep up with limited sewer dischare.  Any heavy or extended rain will cause delays. Weather not looking good.

sewer update

Rain is in the forcast.  Limit use of water discharge will help.  Have neighbors sign up for alerts and emails for information.  

sewer update

We will continue to use vaccum trucks for service the next couple days.  Please limit the discharge of water because of the forcast of rain Sunday.

Sewer Update

The repair of the damaged sewer line has been delayed.  The area of the damage is surrrounded by water sand (quick sand).  We will continue to use vaccum trucks to keep service.

sewer service

Pipeline damage still under repair.  Will try to repair today.  we will use pump trucks until our service is back in operation.  Please call office if any problems.  will send update notices.

sewer service

All sewer customers should be able to have full service, using as little water as possible.  We have used sewer pump trucks pumping out pods all nite.  Call 409-735-9422 if problems.


Working on repair, trying to set up temp service wit pump trucks. Will follow with other information 


Oak Manor, Nobles and streets west, Hollis and FM 1442 and FM 105 east and west of FM  1442. Out of service area. 

sewer notice continued

sewer service will be out for at least 24 to 48 hours.  We are working with pipeline about repair. Will send another notice when more details are known.

Sewer Outage

A pipeline com has damaged a 10" sewer line under the pipeline corridor at FM 1442.  Sewer service north of the pipeline , just south of Nobles St, is out of service. Another notice will follow.

Flushing toilets

run 2inches of water in tub or shower. When water drains you should be able to flush. If water backs up due not flush again. Wait until tub drains.

Sewer Outages

we are having some sewer outages in all areas due to the storm late yesterday and last nite. We are working on restoring system asap.

Sewer Repair Completed

The broken sewer line is repaired.  Another hour and system will be fully recovered.  Most should have service now.  Please call 409-670-2473 or 409-670-3881 if you are having problems.

Boil Water Notice Lifted

The Boil Water Notice has been lifted.  All water sample test came back negative.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sewer Problems

All sewer customers:

Orangefield has received several inches of rain since Friday.  We have six (6) vacuum stations serving different areas.  All weekend we have had several outages at four (4) of the stations.  These outages are caused by excessive storm water infiltration because of defective cleanouts or broken air vents (candy canes).  When a vacuum line is full of water the system shuts down.  When you can not flush once, please do try to flush again, it will only overflow  camode.  We were able to return to normal service at different times Saturday and Sunday.  Some took several hours of pumping water, others less.  the customers fartherest from stations are the last to recover.  At 4:30 pm Sunday only one station was not completely in service.  At 2 am Monday morning all systems were up and running.  As the rain started again Monday morning we began to loose some stations.  At this time we are able to return service to some customers at all stations, but complete service might be later tonight or early morning.  All employees have worked several hours since Friday with very little time off.  We will continue to work until all service is up.  The system takes time to recover and we are doing the best we can.  If you know of any water draining into our lines in your yards or a vent (candy canes) is broken, please let our office know.  If you cannot flush because the lines are full, please run some water in a bath tub, about 2 inches, (not sinks).  When water is drained out of tub, you should be able to flush.  If you have a floor drain, do not run any water in bath tub. Please call 409-670-2473 or 361-220-0738 for any problems.


 please contact our emer. number at 409-670-2473 Thank you Orangefield Water Supply